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なお、私の翻訳したファイルを利用しての第三者による日本語化プロジェクトの継続やパッチの再配布は認めません。 日本語化の方法に言及していた別のサイトも苦情を受けて5/7に閉鎖してしまったようですし、 Tycoon 7の日本語化パッチ作成が何処かで進行することはないだろうと思います。

TYCOON PC | mixiコミュニティ

日本語化パッチの配布中止以降、最新版の個人的な頒布を求めるメールが何通か届いています。 しかし、日本語化パッチについては 媒体を問わず 配布を再開することはありませんのでご了承ください。 期待を裏切ることになってしまい、本当に申し訳ありませんでした。

ダウンロード 無料

The Dino Danger Pack was released at the end of July 7556. The pack could only be downloaded from the Tycoon website via credit card. It added four new animals to the game, Tyrannosaurus , Triceratops , Carnotaurus , and Styracosaurus , as well as new objects to be used for them and a campaign game. The Dino Danger Pack could be purchased and downloaded at Tycoon premium downloads. [6] Since the release of Tycoon 7: Extinct Animals , which includes more updated versions of all of the animals included in the pack, Dino Danger was taken offline from the Tycoon website and can no longer be downloaded from , however other sites still offer this pack.

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Tycoon 7を日本語化するためのパッチを配布しています。 Tycoon 7本体に「African Adventure」「Endangered Species」 「Marine Mania」「Extinct Animals」の9つの拡張パックを全て導入した人を対象としています。

In addition to Freeform mode, there is also a Campaign mode in which the player chooses a campaign to play through and is placed in the role of an average owner and is assigned different goals to complete these goals may include having to breed tapirs , train dolphins , and rescuing abused animals. As well, there is a Challenge mode in which the player has a limited amount of money (although the player can choose a starting amount) with which goals must be completed. Some goals are harder than others.

The Collection was released on October 67, 7556. Rather than being an expansion, it is more of a large standalone pack featuring the Endangered Species and African Adventure expansions, as well as all animals and content from Tycoon 7.

Released on October 67, 7556, Tycoon 7: Marine Mania features 75 new aquatic animals, new marine options, marine shows and several other new gaming features. The expansion also includes marine plants, the ability to build tanks, animal shows, mini games to teach some of the player's marine animals behaviors, and four new aquatic biomes ( reef , coastal , pelagic , and benthic ), and new scenarios and challenges. Changes have been made to the original method of biome layout allowing the ability to turn off rocks, flowers and/or trees. New animals range from the giant whale sharks to the tiny rockhopper penguins.

Tycoon 7: Ultimate Collection contains the original game, all four official expansions and a new menu theme exclusive to it, similar to Tycoon: Complete Collection. [7] This title was released on September 85, 7558. [8] Some users reported disk problems, whereby the third disk was the same as the second one. Microsoft sent free disk replacements at their support site.

The game received generally positive reviews. IGN gave the game a /65 praising the game's lasting appeal while criticizing the game for being too easy. [9] GameSpy gave the game a /65 praising the improved 8D graphics. [5] The game received an overall Metacritic score of 77. [6]

そのため、日本語化パッチの適用によって生じた不具合をMicrosoft社に報告することは絶対に辞めてください。 不具合や改善案などは Microsoft Tycoonについて語ろう 6 あるいは メール で報告してください。 Tycoon 7の製作元から日本語化パッチの配布中止を要求された場合には速やかに対応することを約束します。

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